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Working Capital Business Loan


Trying to receive a Working Capital Business Loan in the current economic state can be extremely difficult as banks and other financial institutions have tightened their rules on lending. No matter how well your business is doing or how much your sales forecast shows, small businesses still are having a hard time qualifying for a Working Capital Business Loan.

BD Funding has the solution that you need to get your business started. Our working capital loans remove the suspense and hassles that are characteristic of traditional loaning procedures. We take pride in putting your business’ interests first. Time is money and to this end, we work hard in ensuring that your loan application is reviewed promptly.


BD Funding is your solution to that. BD Funding’s Working Capital Loan and get rid of the months long suspense of pre-qualifying, and mountains of paperwork associated with traditional loans. We put your business first, and time is money. Your application will be reviewed and pre-qualified within 24 hours!

We can provide your business with a Working Capital Business Loan in about 7 days. One of our experienced funding specialists will talk with you and find the most affordable and convenient solution for you. We do this to make sure you understand what is being asked of you and how it works. There’s nothing like getting a cash advance and 3 months later being surprised by hidden fees or rate hikes. We let you know everything up-front. We customize the repayment plan. You get a fixed percentage and each day, that “percentage” is what’s repaid. Meaning if sales are $10,000 and your percentage is 5%, BD Funding would be paid $500 that day. But wait, we only get paid Monday-Friday. Whatever you make on the weekend and holidays is 100% yours!

The best part about our small business loans is that we don’t follow the traditional procedures in reviewing loan applications. We don’t simply look at credit scores to gauge the loan viability, we look at your business’ cash flow to know if we are a perfect fit. This drastically increases your chances of getting your small business loan application approved.
Our Working Capital Business Loan does not follow “ Traditional” Lending procedures. We don’t look up your FICO score. We look at your past sales history, your account balances, and find a medium to make you an offer. This way your business does not become overburdened with huge repayments.
We work with businesses in over 200 industries in all 50 states.We are excited to help your small business grow into the establishment that you want it to be. Contact us today to get started.