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With these kinds of loans; you can usually have the money in your account within days. The reason businesses look into this is simple: Traditional Banks need massive amounts of paperwork, take weeks to get answers, and sometimes even longer to get the funds. This is how a Fast Cash Business Loan works:

Fill out the application and supply the following:

- 6 Months sales report and bank statements
- 2013 Tax Return
- DBA, FEID, Owners name and info
- Any info on existing or pending liens, judgments, or bankruptcies.
- Any collateral you would like to use.
- Amount you are looking for

• After we have this info, will talk to our lenders.
• Our Lenders’ will give us a few different offers and we’ll contact you; usually within 48 hours or less.
• We’ll discuss your options and repayment agreements.
• You pick your plan, and sign the agreement.
• Within 7 days, the money is in the account of your choosing.   


It’s that simple. A Fast Cash Business Loan does not have to be difficult or even expensive. Sure there’s some expenses with these kinds of loans or advances. But when you need the cash fast, and your business is on the line, you need to do what’s best.

With a Traditional bank loan you are going to get a fixed APR, a fixed amount to be paid by a certain date, for a fixed term limit. Not with a Fast Cash Business Loan. A Fast Cash Business Loan is based off of your sales. You will get a “fixed” repayment percentage of your sales. If you have a slow week, your repayment is lower. If you have a busy week, the repayment is higher. With this kind of repayment plan there is also no “fixed term”.


Typically, the repayment is paid out of your credit card processing account, and is automatically sent to the lender. This way you don’t even have to worry about writing the check. You’ll even get monthly statements showing what the sales were, how much was paid back and how is left. If you borrow $20,000.00; that is what you’re going to pay back. Not $20,000 plus an interest rate.
There is a little more that goes into getting a Fast Cash Business Loan, but this is the basics. Contact one of our specialists today, or fill out our Fast Cash Business Loan and get started!