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A Business Cash Advance from BD Funding is simple. You’ll get an approved amount of funding from us based on your cash and credit sales. Each week we will get a percentage of your credit sales, sent directly from the credit card processing company.


So let’s say you have $20,000 in credit card sales this week and your repayment agreement is 10%. Your credit card processing company would automatically send us $2000.00. But wait, that’s not all. This is based on your Monday through Friday sales; whatever you do in credit card sales over the weekend and holidays is yours 100%! So the next week is a slow week; you only have $8000.00 in credit card sales. The company only sends us $800.00. This is how we make the repayment plan better for you. You’re not tied into a fixed amount each week, like a traditional loan. This way you can continue to help your business grow. A Business Cash Advance should be helping your business, not hindering it.


Amount Approved 





Credit Reporting

Business Cash Advance

Typically based on credit card sales

No fixed term | Varies based on sales

Varies based on sales

Varies based on factors

Non recourse against owner

Typically not

Traditional Loan

Based on cash and credit card sales

Fixed term

Fixed amount

Interest rate (A.P.R.)

Judgments, leins

Affects credit reporting

While a Business Cash Advance may not be ideal for all businesses, it can help many businesses get over the hump. Sometimes purchasing merchandise, payroll, improvements or repairs are needed. Sometimes you just don’t have the capital lying around. Contact us today to discuss a Business Cash Advance and what it can do for you.