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An ACH Business Loan can be a very useful tool for business owners who need cash right away and do not have the time normally associated with getting a bank loan.


ACH Business Loan

Are you a business that does not process credit cards? Well, you may have heard of a new form of business cash advance called ACH Business Loan. An ACH Business Loan is a flexible funding product that allows business to get an advance, or loan, based on their future income potential. Business cash advance programs have been around for a long time.  Many successful and respected business owners have used these advances to help grow their business when a great opportunity arose and they did not have the time, or credit, needed to secure money from a traditional source. They would turn to a company like BD Funding to find they cash they needed fast. We in turn would find and get repaid as a small percentage of their future credit card processing earnings.


It’s a great system. They get the cash they need in days and we make a small percentage of the monies coming into the business via their credit card processing. It’s great, that is, if you accept credit cards.  For years people in service businesses that did not use credit card processing, were unable to use this valuable financial option. That has changed; and it is because of ACH Business Loan.

ACH Business Loan now allows anyone with a bank account take advantage of a business cash advance. This reality has opened the door for thousands of business who were to date unable to get a business cash advance. let’s recap some of the advantages of getting an ACH Business Loan for your business.


  • It fast.  We can get you approved within 24 hours.  Better yet, we can have the money wired to your account in a matter of days.  this means you can jump on a deal that just wouldn’t wait for you to get funded by a commercial bank. The ability to act fast is essential for the long term growth and profitable of your business. Now you know you have quick access to working capitol at all times

  • Credit is not a factor.  Since a ACH Business Loan are based on your future earning projections, credit issues are not a concern. An ACH Business Loan approval only considers future revenue, so many who would be turned down for a loan at a bank have no difficulties utilizing our services.

  • No personal guarantees.  Your personal assets are not at risk.An ACH Business Loan are unsecured loan, so if something unforeseen takes place, you will not lose your personal property to cover the loan. Take will give you peace of mind; which is priceless.

  • Flexible payback.  We will offer you a variety of payback options, all of which, will be based on a small percentage of your future revenue. If you have a bad month or two, no problem, there are no fixed payback amounts.  Many of our clients use the ACH Business Loan for a smart investment, increase their income and pay us back ahead of schedule. We make paying back the ACH Business Loan as simple as it is to get.

  • It’s your money, use it your way.  I have written about examples where business owners use their business cash advance for a variety of business reasons, but you can use the cash for any purpose at all. We do get clients who use the money for family needs, education, vehicle purchases and more. We feel that since it is your money, it’s yours to spend as you wish so there is no limitations on what you can do with your cash from our end.

  • One Page Application. With the addition an ACH Business Loan to our growing list of financial cash advance options for businesses, most every business operating in the USA now has access to fast cash. That said, we do have some requirements. Your business must be at least three months old and you must be able to show average monthly revenues of at least $3,000.  That’s it, which makes our application simple and easy to complete.  Spend less time on paperwork and more time on your business or with your family.

We understand that there are many companies that offer the ACH Business Loan, so we work hard to earn our clients trust and friendship.BD Funding believes highly in treating each contact with the respect they have earned.  We understand how hard it is owning and running a business, we are business owners as well. When you work with us, feel confident that you are working with leaders in the industry; and know that we will go the extra mile to give you outstanding service and to find the right business cash advance program to meet your needs.

Give us a cal at (212)444-9901 or click the link below to fill out our simple application. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you learn more about our ACH Business Loan.